Advice from the Trenches

by Erin Lubien in May 13th, 2021

Today, we met in our community happier hour (because we're happier together) and shared some truly amazing recommendations and findings. We discussed how, as women in the workplace, we struggle with commonalities like lacking or moving boundaries, second guessing whether we can accomplish certain efforts, and whether our own individual ways of doing things even work. We have solutions.

Find the Easy Button

Working with three partners for six months, I learned from them that not every action we take must be difficult or challenging - in fact, few should be! They taught me to find the Easy Button (credit to Staples, Inc. for creating it!) for tasks that seem hard to undertake. If you need to accomplish something that you hate doing, find the easiest way to go about it - and follow the next few steps.

Honor Your Way of Doing

We agreed that we find ourselves wanting to do more with less time - always - and we even blamed society and our employers for it. But when asked why, we determined that it is in a woman's nature to take on more than she can as a nurturer and caretaker to alleviate those around us. Instead of going faster, honor the way you do what you do and limit the number of things you do.

Allow Yourself to Change Your Systems

When you can't find the easy button and the way you do things like administrative and mundane tasks (my productivity murderers) are hard, then you are permitted to find new, better, more efficient and easier systems.

Get Out of Your Head

We agreed that when we find ourselves at a crossroads or view doing something as mountainous, it is helpful to phone a friend or colleague to discuss what is happening. It is then that - together - we find the best way to overcome or accomplish something. Don't let yourself stay inside your own head. That's why K!ck*ss Women exists!

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