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Orly Zeewy, Marketing Expert Clarifying the Fuzzy Invites You to Be LinkedIn Ready!

Are You LinkedIn Ready For What’s Next? 

Join us as Orly Zeewy, author, keynote speaker, marketing guru, shares with you her expertise in making your LinkedIn presence ready for opportunity!

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Virtual development opportunity for mid- to late-career women (and others) who want to level up in the professional development area.

B.Epic - a Kickass Women 6-Week Workshop

B. Epic Workshop

Join K!ck*ss Women founder, Erin Lubien, as she walks you through a comprehensive program developed over four years of expert how to's on improving your career and life.

Dedicated to personal and professional self-development, Erin brings a wealth of tried and trued solutions to help you:

  • build and maintain self-confidence
  • tune to a positive mindset
  • remove imposter syndrome
  • envision your best life
  • set your new intentions

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