Innovation Women

Do you want to get more visibility in order to grow your career, get promotions or maybe start a new side hustle in Public Speaking?  Join Innovation Women, an online, self-service database of entrepreneurial, technical and innovative women. Together, we'll end #AllMalePanels and get more women on-stage.  Event managers, conference organizers and journalists get free accounts on the site so they can search the database and connect directly with members.

K!ck*ss Women get so many benefits for the equivalent of $2/week. 

Speaking Engagements

  • Consistency is the key, those who make a goal of applying to a certain amount of events each week get more speaking engagements.
  • Speaking begets Speaking, the more you speak, the more you will speak!  
  • Event Managers can also find people on our platform and ask them to speak at our events.

Biweekly Webinars

  • Innovation Women runs biweekly webinars.  Only members can speak at these webinars.  This gives you more experience, exposure and visibility for your company.

Free Speaker Video via AnswerStage

  • Innovation women has a partnership with AnswerStage, that allows members to create an introductory video for Event Managers.


  •  Innovation Women promotes all authors on their website and via a book of the week program.

No Commissions! 

  • Innovation Women does not take a commission on any job you get via their platform.

 I’ve enjoyed being a member so much that I wanted to share this opportunity with you.   An annual membership/speaker profile is regularly $100 but you can use my code AMBERIN2021 for $25 off.

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