July 2021 News

by Erin Lubien in July 23rd, 2021

Perfect Timing

Summer End Marks New Beginnings

August is coming. marking summer-end and reminding us to get our beach and lowkey days in before a new season begins. What are you looking forward to achieving?  

For $25 per month (or save money and pay $250 for the annual membership rate), you will receive:

  • No cost networking and development meetings;
  • A very special self-guided session of Setting Your Intentions;
  • Monthly guides and other content that you can use to conquer something else that will help you attain greater fulfillment in your life; 
  • Exclusive offers, discounts, and much more.

If you're not already, please become a paying member today. For those who want to be featured on our Offerings page, please consider up-leveling to the Amplifying Membership.... Much more to come!

As always, please do share feedback, requests, insights and more with Erin!

~ Many hugs and air kisses, Erin

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