K!ck!ng Burnout

by Erin Lubien in October 15th, 2020

What IS burnout?  Well, it is between chronic stress and depression. How to know the difference?  


When you have that maniacal feeling that you have just too much to do and not enough time, STOP. Literally take a "breathing snack" - 15 seconds where you inhale deeply enough that your ribs expand, then breathe out until you feel that you have no more breath and breathe out a little more. Repeat three times. By doing this, you reset and re-engage the neurons in your brain. Now look at what you have to do and determine what can be postponed, delegated, left undone.  


Burnout happens when we don't stop, take stock and reset. This is when you find that you don't have enough - energy, time, effort, will, motivation, reason - to get done what you want or have to. Overcoming burnout is harder than resetting when stressed out and, if not managed, can lead to depression. I use the analogy of a black dog and this video to explain depression. If you feel that you cannot stop and feel depressed, seek professional help. You can find help on Psychology Today based upon your insurance, issue(s), location, gender, language, etc. 

"Allow things to be imperfect to be complete."

Laurie taught us to build stress resilience. This includes self care, which is a term I hear over and over and it never really resonated with me until Laurie explained it. Self care is provided for you, by you. It’s about identifying your individual needs for well-being and taking steps to meet them, on a daily basis, acting from a place of support and love. Self care is allowing yourself to take a pause, hit reset, and—from a place of honesty and kindness—create boundaries that protect your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. It's questioning that inner voice telling you that you have to do all the things you have in front of you, that you do not have the tools or time to get things done, that you are not enough and on and on.  

Self care is allowing imperfect things to be complete. Permit yourself to take pause, reflect on your priorities and what you are hoping to achieve. Discard the “not enough” voice inside and replace it with inward kindness. Then - and only then - can you attend to exercise, eating healthy, being mindful, meditation and all the other self care options from a place of self-support and self-kindness.

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