November '21 Headshot Event

When: Saturday, November 6th from 10:00 to 5:00

Where: 27 Danforth Lane, Plymouth, MA

Come, network with other amazing women and be pampered by Jessica Abreu who'll glam you up with her hair and makeup styling, and Erin Lubien who will keep you fed and hydrated. Then step into the spotlight for your photoshoot with award-winning photographer and fine arts expert, Debi Cramer.  

We spend the day "on set" with makeup, hair, wardrobe, accessory and image styling, light fare and bubbly to celebrate you(!) while you bask in the empowering company of other K!ck*ss Women.  After, Debi spends 4 to 5 hours pouring over the countless pictures, edits those she recommends and you leave with 2 images in 2 sizes each.

Join us for this day of confidence building, connecting and sharing.  

Price: $650

(members, email Erin for $100 discount code!)

Your K!ck*ss Team

Jessica Abreu on set at the September '21 Headshot Event touching up one client's makeup so she could look her best on camera

Hair & Makeup Expert

Let Jessica Abreu of Limitless Beauty take care of your hair and makeup so you look your best for the camera. A makeup creator with an incredible eye for design, Jessica stays on set to make sure the camera is capturing your amazing beauty.

Debi Cramer reviewing Amy Flores-Young's pictures during the September '21 Headshot Event

Photography Artist

Imagine having an artist behind a camera while you relax and enjoy the process. 38th Avenue Photography's Debi Cramer is trained in fine arts, has an impeccable eye for color and shares whatever you may need to show up as confident, approachable and beyond sexy.

Erin Lubien, founder of K!ck*ss Women and your social director keeping you fed and hydrated.

Organizer & Purveyor

Your social director, Erin Lubien, will ensure you are hydrated, fed and empowered through the entire process. Together, we build each other up, boosting self confidence and belief and helping you shine!

Register, plan & prepare

Choose your favorite outfits that make you pop ~ eye color, natural tone ~ and together we outfit you in what is going to create the vision you want.

Limitless Beauty's Jessica Abreu will work with your skin tone (and any issues) to ensure that the camera picks up your assets and hides any flaws.

38th Avenue Photography's Debi Cramer is your fine arts expert so colors and accents work for you through this artist's medium - the camera.

K!ck*ss Women's Erin Lubien is there to keep you replenished, relaxed, laughing and connecting with the amazing women there.

Fill out the form here and you'll receive more artistic direction and payment information.

Frequently asked questions

  • Why do I need a headshot?

    Your image conveys who you are in the snap of a camera so that anyone you meet can instantly recognize you when connecting with you. We help you look professional, confident, accessible and approachable so you magnetize those who should be working with and hiring you.

  • What do I get?

    2 poses in 2 different outfits in 2 different sizes for use wherever you need them! Professional hair and makeup design and style. Light fare, drinks and bubbly to keep you refreshed, hydrated and looking your best.

  • Isn't $650 a lot?

    Not at all. Remember getting married? How much did you pay for your hairdo, makeup and photography? Debi puts hours upon hours of work into editing the best images that reflect your greatness while Jessica spends her time ensuring that every hair is in its place, your skin tone is perfect and your eyes pop. Your K!ck*ss team of experts helps you feel comfortable in your skin so that you radiate, glow and present the very best of yourself. This team has worked professional events and weddings for ions so you're treated to the finest, most empowering day. We promise that you will leave happy, more confident and ready to take on the world!

  • What next?

    You'll receive an email from us outlining tips and tricks for looking your best on November 6th. Make sure you hold that date!

  • Terms & Conditions

    • Ticket is transferrable; please inform us immediately.
    • Full refunds can be made up to 48 hours prior to the event; 50% refund will be made within 24 hours notice. Cancelled tickets within 24 hours of event may be applied to K!ck*ss Women membership and/or future events.
    • Participants consent to K!ck*ss Women and its vendors using images and videos for marketing and promotional purposes.

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