Network to meet fabulous K!ck*ss Women

Come together to get help, find resources and tools and meet our connections. Together we can improve our worlds.

Jen Beck, Complete Health Revolution

Complete Health Revolution ~ Improving Your Lifestyle ~

During this 30 minute 1x1 with Jen Beck, RNC, you will discuss your goals and current situation, and create an action plan to go from status quo to sensational!

You deserve to have the energy AND have the smoking hot bod you desire, so you can enjoy every moment of your life !

HonorYourStyle Package Exclusive to K!ck*ss Women

K!ck up your wardrobe without needless expense

Kendra Porter, image stylist to the stars and US Olympians, offers K!ck*ss Women an exclusive restyle package so you can elevate your wardrobe without breaking the bank.

Our preferred web platform: 30% off for life

Meet perfect personal and professional matches

Join LunchClub

The first of its kind professional match service (like LinkedIn if it could connect you to the perfect matches!)

Innovation Women, speakers bureau stopping all male panels (manels)!

Innovation Women

Ladies, join K!ck*ss Woman and ment-her, Bobbie Carlton in her crusade to end all-stale, pale male panels ("manels") and get your message out to the masses!

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