What Are Your Core Values?

by Erin Lubien in July 1st, 2021

What drives you in everything you do are your core values. These are the essences of the composition of you. When you know your key values and infuse them into everything you do, you become a wiser and more efficient and effective decision maker, cutting through the bullsh!t in life and getting to the bottom line.

How do we assess our beliefs and behaviors? Lucky for us, we have the VIA Institute on Character that provides a "values in action" inventory one can take to learn what is most important to them. I know my values are honesty, integrity and humor (a kinder word for humility). Having a family of military members, the first two of these characteristics are both inherent and learned. The sense of humor and humility help keep me balanced and approachable.

In speaking to the SCN Atlanta Wolfpack, I shared how taking the assessment for your business can help you hire, compensate, incentivize, train and set expectations in your organization. As long as you stay true to your organizational values, your whole team can flourish and thrive, enjoying where they work and knowing what their contributions do to help your business succeed.

Take the assessment, being honest and true to what you believe represents you, and weave those values into everything you do.


VIA Institute of Character: https://www.viacharacter.org/about

VIA Survey: https://www.viacharacter.org/survey/surveys/takesurvey

Success Champion Networking: www.successchampionnetworking.com

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