by Erin Lubien October 9th, 2020

Following 20 years in Corporate America in both investor relations and corporate communications, Erin Lubien honed her skills in connecting dots between products, services, clients, sales, marketing, and people. She was the fiber of the departments, divisions and companies in which she worked, a team player and collaborator who empowered others up and down the organization. Not until 20 years in did she discover that this was frowned upon by women who felt threatened or intimidated and men who worried that she would find and expose their weaknesses.

In 2018, Erin pulled seven other women into one room around a table and asked, "tell us your name and the space in which you are right now." She started and shared her vulnerabilities - lack of self-confidence, -worth, belief in her abilities. This opened dialogue around the table with whose common tie was our age and professional experience. As each woman spoke, every other woman thought of something that could help her get to the next level or someone she should meet. The women left uplifted and with great hope...  And calls to repeat this "gathering of real kickass women!"

Thus K!ck*ss Women was born. The name is bold, strong and likely too much for some. They need not apply, instead select themselves out of this group. Soon colleagues, spouses and friends began referring others in and Erin realized that her superpower was in making meaningful introductions that suit people's needs in the moment.

Leaning into her corporate career and learning from this group, Erin found her calling. You see, women entered the workforce in the feminist era with the business handbook - written for and by men. This has led to woman-on-woman hate, antics and beliefs that are unhealthy. In her experience, Erin found that the woman who made it to the executive table held on with all her might. Erin believes that that woman should groom those not at the table to get there and take her place.  

If you are a mid- to late-career professional, challenge yourself to think about who and what you leave behind in Corporate America. There are generations of us who have been impacted by working from the wrong playbook. Do you really want that to continue in perpetuity? If you do not, please join the Empower U movement. We need your help!g 20

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